Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does ff&e stands for?

FF&E is an acronym for furniture, fixtures and equipment and refers to the products that Interior Designers specify to furnish a project. A popular explanation suggests that if you could turn the building upside down and shake it, all the FF&E items would fall out.

What Kind of Interior Design Services do you offer? 

Camera offers different services within interiors and decorations, including space planning, material sourcing, bespoke furniture design, antiques sourcing and styling curation. Browse our services here to discover more about what we do and how we do it.

Do you specialize in any particular style of interior design?

Our mission is to craft original concepts that blend tradition and innovation. Our work is inspired by art, design history and nature. We strive for elegant and cultivated interiors for passionate and curious clients who seek quality and a fresh touch for their project.

Is there a minimum or maximum project size that you work with?

We propose different kind of services and collaborations, from creative consultancy for client presentations to building renovations. We don’t like setting a limit to our imagination. Schedule a free consultation with us and if we think we can help you, we will find a way to size a tailored offer for your needs.

What if my project is away from the location of your studio?

Our team is flexible to travel and we collaborate internationally with different local experts around the world. Please connect with us and we will find a way to work together!


Can we book a site inspection at our project site? 

Depending on the projects we propose different type of collaborations and services. Having a written contract with your consultant is always a good start anyway. We would be careful hiring a designer who doesn’t propose you a contract to sign.

Will you show me a mood board or renderings before the ordering begins?

Depending on the project a concept presentation is included within the conception phase. Renderings images are optional, they should be requested at the beginning of the projects and they will be included within the agreed delivery package.

What is the first step to hiring you? 

The very first step is connect with us and schedule a consultation! We will discuss your project together and if we think we can help we will discuss further moves.

How long would it take to complete my project? 

A house renovation could take from 9 months to 3 years. It can take longer depending on the project complexity and onsite works. Usually once the concept is validated together with the construction company we are able to set a timeline for the project.


How much and how do you charge? 

We don’t believe in fixed prices because each project is unique. And so our rates are tailored around every client, specific wish and peculiarity. Schedule a free consultation with us to discover more about how to become our client.

Why should I hire you and not anyone else? 

If you feel you are struggling having a clear vision of your thoughts and feel you want truly reflects your personality and style with materials and colours we offer our experience and sharp eye to design spaces that are not just beautiful but also tailored, durable and captivating.

Is it worth it to hire an interior designer to design a small space??

We aspire to share our unique perspectives with the world, creating spaces that inspire, delight, and challenge conventional notions of design, so if you’re ready to start turning your interior design dreams into reality, let’s connect and schedule a consultation.