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”Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs

Cămĕra is design a project with the goal of creating original narratives and multi-layered concepts, collaborating with visionaries, manufacturers and talented makers to conceive exceptional projects across interiors, art direction and styling curation.


The vision at Cămĕra is to reinterpret the history of decorative arts and carefully explore materiality, colours, graphics to contribute sharing new design sensibility.


Our work wants to reflect contemporaneity, but always  being inspired by traditional artisanal craftsmanship. We strive for elegance, quality, and excellence in every project while collaborating with artisans, artists, and professional designers to bring your vision to life.


We aspire to share our unique perspectives with the world, creating spaces that inspire, delight, and challenge conventional notions of design, so if you’re ready to start turning your interior design dreams into reality, let’s connect and schedule a consultation. 


Together, we can create a space that truly reflects your unique personality and style, and offers a sense of wonder and excitement to all who experience it.


We Can help you imagine a Brand New Canvas

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Are you a visionary in the hospitality industry or a developer with grand ambitions? If you seek to redefine luxury and create awe-inspiring spaces, we are your creative partners.

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As your trusted interior consultant and FF&E specialist, we bring the art of interiors to your architectural wonders. Together, let’s create unparalleled experiences for your clients and set new benchmarks in the industry.


Your home is an expression of your soul. Are you on a quest for a personalized sanctuary that echoes your taste and style? With Camera as your interior consultancy, we create homes that reflect your unique identity, blending art and function seamlessly. Together, let’s craft the home you’ve always dreamed of.


Want your brand to stand out and leave a lasting impression? As a business owner with a passion for success, you need an extraordinary touch. Whether you run a law firm , a chic boutique or a vibrant restaurant, our brand consultancy expertise sparks creativity, attracting your ideal clientele and elevating your brand above the rest.


We take care of all aspects of the design project, including the key elements of schedule and budget.

We focus on the goal of creating an environment that reflects the interests and tastes of the client.




Share your ideas during our first meeting, and let the magic begin. We immerse ourselves in your vision, exploring endless possibilities to craft the perfect project for you.




Understanding is key. We dive deep, researching and analyzing every aspect, to refine your concept.




From initial concepts to final touches, creativity blooms. Together, we craft and develop the perfect design that aligns with your vision.




The moment you’ve been waiting for. With meticulous care, we deliver the masterpiece, making your dreams a reality and making sure the expectations are fullfilled.

HOSPITALITY REBRANDING Credit Wallpaper Magazine

Hospitality Rebranding

Unlock the full potential of your hospitality haven. With Camera Interiors as your creative ally, your property becomes a blank canvas for new adventures in luxury. Reimagine every corner, design unforgettable experiences, and welcome a flood of delighted guests. Together, we’ll elevate your brand, making it a beacon of indulgence that draws discerning travelers from around the globe.

Interior Consulting

Experience a new realm of possibilities by partnering with Camera Interiors as your professional interior designer. Elevate your architectural marvels with a high-quality 360° package that captivates clients and sparks their imagination. With us, you offer more than just design; you present an unparalleled experience that leaves a lasting impression on every soul who steps foot in your creations.

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Home Renovations

Welcome home to boundless inspiration. See your property as a blank canvas for dreams to unfold.

Camera Transform your beloved dwelling into a dream come true with Camera Interiors. Create precious memories, bask in timeless elegance, and revel in the comfort of your dreams.

Business Relaunch

The future of your business starts here. Embrace the power of reinvention with Camera Interiors. From boutique to office, unlock the potential to relaunch and rebrand your space.

Capture hearts, ignite conversations, and elevate your brand to new heights.

The chance to flourish is right here—grab it with Camera by your side.

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